Hello, we have recieved many inquiries on how to best post events on our site www.BikersWelcomeUSA.com so for new events you would like to post use these links below. I know there is a bit of a problem because we have put our site into a wordpress so it isn't easy and I'm trying to figure out a fix but in the meantime.... 
Here is the actual calendar link by passing the wordpress: http://www.bikerswelcomeusa.com/calendar/events/
  1. Sign in here http://www.bikerswelcomeusa.com/calendar/events/index.php?com=signin
  2. It will take you to "My Account" from there you are signed in and can use the "Submit Events" for new or see your already posted (if you posted via Facebook) 
  3. To know you are signed in when you go to "Submit Events" page it does not ask for your email, you will already see your FB info in the "Your Contact Information" 
Note: Using your personal Facebook should not be an issue, it is only a management tool and does not post anything on Facebook for you as far as I've ever seen. 
Favor: I'm looking for more event promotors to start using our calendar. We are getting a lot of requests for California, Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and basically all the states so if you have any friends or work acquaintances that work at some of the other dealerships or bars around the country would you please share this with them... Thanks!
If you need me for anything don't hesitate to contact me.
Kind Regards,
P. 407-949-8034